To book an event please contact:
Patricia 636-667-9435 or email

The following is a list of our most popular event menus. Cost is PER PERSON.
All buffets include unlimited Soda, Tea and Coffee.

If you would like something different, please contact our event coordinator who will be happy to work with you on menu ideas and options. 

Groups who book through the events coordinators will be given an area for their group,
with reserved tables, linens, and center pieces if needed. 

HORS D’OEURVES - (Available for groups of 20 or more) 
LIGHT HORS D’OEURVES    $20 (Choose three)
Toasted ravioli with marinara sauce
Meatballs in barbeque sauce

Pretzel bites with Cheese sauce

Chips, salsa, jalapenos and nacho cheese
Roasted red pepper hummus and Pita wedges
Boneless chicken bites served with hot sauce, BBQ and ranch
​Jalapeno poppers with ranch

Dollar roll sandwiches: turkey, ham and roast beef
Potato chips

Toasted ravioli with marinara

Toasted ravioli with marinara sauce
Boneless chicken bites - Served with hot sauce, BBQ and  ranch            
Meatballs in BBQ sauce
Corn tortilla chips & salsa (Gluten Free and vegetarian)

 MEALS - (Available for groups of 30 or more.)

Johnsonville brats with sauerkraut
Southern style baked beans or Lakehouse Cole slaw
Potato chips


100% Angus beef hamburgers/cheeseburgers
Lettuce, tomato & onion
Southern style baked beans or Lakehouse Cole slaw
Potato chips

Lemon-pepper grilled chicken breast
Green bean casserole with almonds
Roasted garlic mashed potatoes
Caesar Salad
Dinner rolls with butter


Roasted Pork Loin with bourbon glaze

Green bean casserole with almonds

Garlic mashed potatoes

Caesar salad

Dinner rolls with butter


Creamy pasta Alfredo
Caesar salad
Dinner rolls and butter
Add chicken to pasta for $2 per person
Add toasted ravioli - see ala carte options

Mostaccioli pasta in marinara sauce
Caesar salad
Dinner rolls and butter
Add seasoned meatballs to pasta $2 per person
Add toasted ravioli - see ala carte options​

Pasta con broccoli in a mushroom cream sauce
Caesar salad
Dinner rolls and butter
Add sliced chicken breast $2 per person

Add toasted ravioli - see ala carte options

 DESSERTS: You may bring your own from a grade A facility such as a bakery, Sam's Club, or a local grocery (No homemade goods allowed). Please bring plates, forks and napkins if needed. 

 The following may be added to any package - 

Fruit Tray - Assorted seasonal fruits  $120.00

Vegetable Tray - Assorted seasonal vegetables with ranch.   $120.00

***Add Roasted red pepper hummus to Vegetable tray  $30.00
Relish Tray - Cubed cheeses, crackers, sliced bread, olives, pickles and grapes.  $120.00
Toasted ravioli and marinara - $50.00 per order of 50
Meatballs in BBQ sauce - $120.00 per order of 150
Boneless chicken bites -  $60.00 per order of 60

Pretzel bites (vegetarian option) - $40.00 per order of 60

Roasted red pepper hummus and Pita (vegetarian option) -  $50.00  - 32 pita wedges

XL Jalapeno Poppers- (Jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese) - $40.00 per order of 30

We have many options for your bar service.  Please check below for suggestions that may fit your party. PRICES ARE PER PERSON.

            Three hours house brands, domestic beer and wine    $22

            Three hour premium brands   $26

 Ways to control your bar cost:

 1.  Give each guest a limited number of drink tickets. Drink tickets are $5 each and cover house brands, bottled beer, house wine and Long Island Pitchers.  After tickets, the bar goes to cash.

2.  Set a dollar amount that you wish to spend.  When that amount has been reached, the bar will go to cash.  At that time your guests will pay for any additional drinks.

 **Cash bar option for groups of 50 or more will be charges $75 for second bar tender if desired. Creve Coeur Lakehouse reserves the right to cease serving guest/guests alcohol for any reason. No refund will be provided. No "Last call on alcohol" will be made. Start and end times for open bar are set by the Lakehouse computer time.

Please be prepared to have one bill for food with a 15% service charge plus tax added (This is not a gratuity and is not shared with any employee) A separate bar bill will be presented at the end of your event. Please tip your bartender/bartenders accordingly. There is a 3% service charge for using a credit card.

​DEPOSIT: $100 non-refundable deposit is due at time of booking. You may stop by, call with a credit card number (Visa, Master Card, Discover) or you may send a check made out to Creve Coeur Lakehouse 2160 Creve Coeur Mill Rd. St. Louis, MO 63146.

The number of guest must be guaranteed 7 days before event. This is the number of people you will be charged for, regardless if you have less than expected and the number of people we will prepare food for. Some items are not offered on our regular menu, and we will be unable to prepare more if you add guest within 7 days of event. 

 A 15% service charge will be added to your final bill. Service charge covers the space reserved, set-up, table cloths, decorations if needed and tear down. For groups of 30 or more, we require you to Pre-ordered a minimum of $300 in appetizers or order one of our buffet packages, we do not allow ordering off regular menu for groups of more than 20 without prior approval.If you decide to add more food after the event begins, some items may not be available, and/or you may experience long wait times. The 15% service fee will apply to the final food bill. You will have a separate bill for the bar, please tip accordingly.

Buffets have a busser assigned to the party; however guests must approach the bar for drinks. If you would like table side drink service, there is a $50.00 charge per server. One server for each twenty people. (This may not be available due to staff shortage.)

The Lakehouse staff reserves the right to control all functions held at the Lakehouse. No last call will be made, the bar closes promptly at posted closing time. All guests must vacate the property, including the parking lot, by 10:30 unless arrangements have been made in advanced. The Lakehouse staff reserves the right to refuse service to any person for any reason, especially, but not limited to, those determined to have consumed an excess of alcohol or providing their own alcohol.

Guest with your party are limited to the area reserved for your group. Do not move tables without speaking to your Lakehouse contact.  Doors and exits may not be blocked for any reason. The Lakehouse will provide seating for the number of guests guaranteed. If you have more than the guaranteed number we will do our best to accommodate them. However, it is not always possible due to other reservations, events and guests.  
All guests are expected to vacate the event area at the scheduled end of the event, Guest may request to be reseated through the host. 

​We do not allow decorations smaller that 3 inches in diameter, silly string or decorations with glitter. If those items are used there will be a $250.00 clean up fee added to your bill. 

No outside alcohol or food, except desserts bought from a grade A facility (Bakeries, grocery stores, Etc.) are allowed. If you bring a dessert , please bring plates, forks and napkins if needed; we do not supply these items. For information about serving of a wedding cake, please discuss options with an event coordinator. 

If you have questions, or wish to book an event please contact or event coordinator:
Patricia or Chanel 314-576-7200  Email:

For private events (where we close to the public):

Groups may schedule to close the Lakehouse from either 11AM – 3PM or from
6PM – 10PM. Sunday 1PM – 5PM. The cost to close the restaurant can be applied to food, drinks, and service/gratuity charge, but is a minimum and no refund will be given. Weekdays are Wednesday – Thursday. Weekends are Friday through Sunday. Mondays and Tues daysmay be available for private events without a rental fee. Please contact the event coordinator for information. Patricia 636-667-9435 

Weekends October through March:
11AM – 3PM $2500
6PM – 10PM $4000
Sundays 1PM – 5PM $4000

Wednesday October through March:
11AM – 3PM $1500
6PM – 10PM $3000

Weekends April through September
11AM – 3PM $3500
6PM – 10PM $5000
Sunday 1PM – 5PM $5000

Wednesday  April through September
11AM – 3PM $2500
6PM – 10PM $4000

A 50% deposit (based on estimated cost) will be due 14 days prior to the event.

Music/DJ must be approved by the Lakehouse event coordinator. NO DRUMS ALLOWED.. Music level will be determined by the manager on duty. Music must end promptly at 9PM Tuesday – Thursday, 10PM on Friday and Saturday and 5PM on Sunday.

The Lakehouse can play DVDs on our televisions and music from phones/ipods on the patio. The Lakehouse is not responsible for loss, failure or damage to equipment or media.

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Couples Baby Shower

Private Event Celebration

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Maximum group size that the Lakehouse can accommodate for sit down buffet is 100. Open house type groups are a maximum of 130. In inclement weather some seating would be inside away from the main group. 

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